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About Us

Lincoln Boat and RV Storage is Ruston's premier boat and RV storage facility located conveniently off Farmerville Highway (and less than 3 miles from Highway 167) with easy access to both Lake D'Arbonne and Lake Claiborne.

We offer over 30,000 square feet of canopy cover as well as access code gated entry, barb wire fence surrounding the entire 4 acre facility, and electrical outlets for each individual stall.

We have three stall sizes available: 30 feet x 12 feet, 40 feet x 14 feet, and 50 feet x 14 feet. 



What are some benefits to storing my RV/Boat under roof year round when not in use?

  • A covered RV/Boat helps to repel UV rays, ensuring that your RV/Boat does not suffer seal damage.
  • Interior temperatures of your RV reach up to only 81° F and deflected sunlight means lower interior and exterior temperatures.
  • Your RV/Boat will be protected from rain, sleet, and snow (though VERY rare in our area) which helps prevent the risk of leaks or cracks in roofs and hulls.
  • The exterior paint, graphics, and trim will be protected from fading and cracking.
  • Dirt and debris will not build up on the roof of your RV or sides of your boat, leaving your RV/Boat without any black streaks.
  • Fewer washings, waxings, and roof treatments are required.
  • Covering your RV/Boat protects your investment and preserves your RV/Boat’s resale value.

Additional Benefits

MORE ROOM!! Storing an RV/Boat at home can be tricky. Unless you have a very large garage or ample yard space, you may be restricted in your options. Many HOA’s prevent you from parking in the street or having the RV/Boat in viewing sight from the road, and keeping a RV/Boat in the driveway can make everyday coming and going difficult.

Will my RV/Boat be secure in an outdoor storage facility?

We offer a 6’ foot fence with an additional 2 feet in barb wire fencing around the entire 4 acre facility. There is also a personalized access code for each individual occupant of their choosing controlling the only entrance into the storage facility. We pride ourselves in keeping your RV/Boat as secure as it would be at your home and/or camp.

Contact Us

Contact us and receive a copy of our lease agreement using one of the following:

  • Follow us on Facebook at Lincoln Boat and RV Storage and Facebook Message us
  • Email: lincolnboatstorage@gmail.com
  • Phone: 318-245-2908 (Ben Haddox, co-owner) or 318-791-3544 (Scott Walker, co-owner)

  • Physical Address
    Lincoln Boat and RV Storage
    1869 Pea Ridge Rd
    Ruston, La., 71270

  • Mailing Address
    Lincoln Boat and RV Storage
    PO Box 544
    Ruston, La., 71273


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1869 Pea Ridge Road, Ruston, LA 71270
318-245-2908 | 318-791-3544